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There are times when you feel you have to cry your heart out. when there is no one beside you. when you want to scream. want to quit. want everything back to normal. want peace. want someone to hug you and say “everything will be alright coz i’m here beside you to protect and love you forever”.

But suddenly, you came back to reality that all your desire to be happy is just a dream that will never be happen. and you all have to do is stare blankly in the mirror and wish that one day life would turn upside down.

We pray, we hope, and we love. but is it enough to change the world and our destiny?
Faith to God is the only one shield to protect us from this stages of life. Hope is the one that make us strong. Love is the reason why we live. and pray is the only armor that we have to struggle with our destiny.

Life isn’t too short to stand up and fight. we still have time to change for the better.


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