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think before you click

Technology now is invading peoples lives. It makes people’s life easier such as making friends without going outside of your cozy home. It gives entertainment as well as you comfortably lying down on your favorite couch with hot chocolate/coffee. You could go to other places without spending money on your little purse and could taste the most expensive steak in the world by just reading and looking at the pictures you have just clicked in a minute.

Now, I am pertaining to the World Wide Web or as we call it ‘internet access around the world’. It does make sense isn’t? 99% of the people have access to different websites like tumbler, myspace, friendster, youtube, facebook and the most common and trending sites around the world- the twitter; and the other 1% are babies. All of this sites are built to make friends and to connect to your love ones abroad. But, what’s happening today is most of the users are using this productive sites to hurt others.

“Bullying is when someone keeps on doing or saying things to have power over another person”. I do not have an idea where it came from that you can bully your friends over the internet and I really don’t like the idea of posting your nonsense debate on the sites just to let others hear your fighting with someone. And some people also used facebook to commit some crime. Some used twitter to gossip one person. Some are using youtube to exploit as well. Hurting others by posting nasty words on any sites is a crime. It’s unlawful in people’s eyes and God’s eyes. So, it isn’t right to bully someone you dislike.

Internet should be at peace. Internet should give us knowledge on something we have interest. Internet should ease our homesickness to our love ones abroad. Internet should give us inspiration to live in a more easy way. And this should start at ourselves. And as the commercial or promotion said:

“think before you click”.

ps: this is my campaign on internet bullying..


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