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starving to death…


diet doesn’t mean you don’t eat the whole day (or else you get feel dizzy)
it means eating the right amount of food in a day.

let me share you something…

early this morning i decided to go on a diet.. i’m gaining weight and it’s not good at all. i saw myself in a mirror and i felt bad, this isn’t me.. my tummy is so so so big. *sigh. i wanna be thin again. i wanna be beautiful, coz for me being thin or being sexy is what a woman should have. i don’t loose my husband just because i’m too fat for him. i want all his attention is in me. so, i decided to go on this diet. but, misconception came in my mind, that i should not eat or just eat a little maybe half cup of rice. so i go on.. early this morning i ate 1cup of rice and 1 piece of very small meat.(this is not the amount i usually eat). then here comes the lunch.. i ate 2 pieces of gardenia bread.. ohh so tasty.. 🙂 then i felt dizzy, my tummy aches ‘coz of hunger.. so after 2hours, i decided to eat half cup of rice with 1 boiled egg.. and tadaaa! i’m still hungry..

so i took a lot of water… then, i found out,

i still starving, craving for more rice..

oh geezzz.. what should i do? how can i go on a diet if i always got hungry..

well then, i realize to take it slowly….

and this isn’t my last diet.. i’ll follow up my next adventure on dieting.. hahaha see you soon ..

happy eating.. 🙂


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