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is this God’s sign?…



Dear God,

If this is your sign.. please guide us, help us to survive and be in your arms. please, i’m praying for my fellow Filipinos that we can survive in this kind of calamity again. please save us. we all praying.. we still in your side, in your arms and we follow every footsteps you had. please stop the rain that causes floods in Luzon area specially in Marikina. And for those people who lives in mountain like us, please save us Oh Dear God.. you are our light and savor. And also, I’m thanking you for giving your angels to help those people in need, thank you for the rescuers and those people who donate clothes and foods. I can’t do anything to help them, i’m just praying hard to you. please hear my prayers and please show us the light tomorrow.. Amen.

*I got goosebumps when i saw this picture. and realize that it’s really happening in here. I’m sad, there’s a lot of people living in a flooded area. some are new born babies and toddlers, some are elderly and pregnant. let’s help them by praying to god every time.. :/ 

*today is august 7,2012 in the Philippines

*keep safe everyone..


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jealousy is killing me!

i’m in this state of my life when my heart is beating extremely fast because of jealousy. i’m pissed off since 8 in the morning until now. i end up crying because i can’t speak up what i felt. i hate him for making me jealous and for being a drunk man. i tried to talk to him about what i felt but he refused. what am i gonna do? this is so bad that i can’t help myself to cry hard. i’m so depressed. why do some girls have to wear super mini skirt and flaunt it in front of a married guy for several times? girls should wear proper clothes in a proper place.. and people shouldn’t flirt with someone who is already married. my heart is broken.. and i think only god can bring back the pieces that was broken.. please god, if you can hear me. heal my wounds and help me with my life.. i wanna have a better married life like those in romantic movies. please, you are the one who can change my life.. 😦

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