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spell happiness- C.R.O.C.H.E.T.



This is what makes me happy. Sometimes, happiness can get in material things but in a productive way.

I purchased all of them thru online shop from a trusted seller/friend. I am overwhelmed with the products i have right now. I can now compare the classes of yarns and can choose what’s my favorite and most used yarn. Though I haven’t finished my 20 Christmas gifts/ items let me share to you what my comment on each and every yarn that I have.

First of all those small balls of yarn was purchased last September and October along with all of the books. And those big balls of yarn are purchased earlier.

My favorite to least favorite yarn:

2012-12-02 21.48.04 (1)1. PEACHES AND CREME YARN – 100% cotton and very soft yarn. What I like it is the softness of its texture, as in very very soft, and with a light feeling when you started to crochet it. You can use it in wearable crocheted items. Honestly, I haven’t used it yet because obviously it’s my favorite and can’t make any projects with this little skeins that I have.

2012-12-02 21.49.12 (1)


2. SOUTH MAID COTTON 8 YARN – Same texture with peaches and cream but it’s a little thinner with peaches.

2012-12-02 21.59.29 (1)


3. MONACO 100 % MERCERIZED COTTON THREAD – Β I frequently used this thread for bags, purses,wearables, hairbands and hats. I think this should be on no.1 since I always used it from the day I learned to crochet (at 11 years old) until now. haha. I used 2strands of it for headbands and bag for a bigger gauge. But i really don’t understand the word MERCERIZED… I should learn more about crochet hehe.

2012-12-02 22.02.03 (1)

2012-12-02 22.03.08 (1)


4. BAGUIO COTTON YARNS – It all came from Baguio City, Philippines πŸ™‚ Super soft and light but it’s thinner than Monaco. Super thin! This is the first time to use and touch it. My friend told me that this is very good for crocheted wearables.

2012-12-02 22.04.10 (1)5. RED HEART SUPER SAVER YARN – Biggest skeins that I had and thicker yarn also. Rough texture. Good for bags, house items like coasters, pot holders and scrubbies. What I like about Red Heart is there skeins, super big skeins haha

2012-12-02 22.04.54 (1)6. CARMENCITA YARN – Not so rough and not so soft. Have a good thickness for my hats and shoes.

2012-12-02 22.05.57 (1)7. CANNON MULTICOLORED THREAD – Too thin to handle. 100 % cotton. Good for wearables only (that’s what i think). Gonna try this on the other day.

These comparison is based on what I see, feel and how I used it. Open for comments or clarification on my description. These is all I have right now and soon to use for my Christmas gifts to all my love ones. Hopefully they will like my items.

Wanna share also my power tools!.

2012-12-02 22.08.52 (1)


Crochet hobby keeps me insane! I can crochet in 2days straight (except when I needed to sleep) without feeling pain on my hands and mind. ahaha.

Thank you for stopping by and let’s share our hobbies πŸ™‚







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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


His all MINE! haha sorry for being selfish guys… but.. i love him so much, indeed! he’s the father of my 2 kids and my reason to smile and live everyday! πŸ™‚ 4 years of loving each other and still counting.. trials are on our way everyday… long distance relationship every half of the year… but as long as we love each other we can live happily ever after! hahaha.. sorry but I was overwhelmed with the photo challenge and I wanna share in the world how much i love him and he’s all really mine! πŸ™‚ lovelove folks!

*oops! his birthday is near… it’s october… party party πŸ™‚


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hassle free


aside for my new found talent (which is crochet) i discovered a hassle free way to purchase what i need.. yeah! ONLINE SHOPPING! it’s a stress reliever for me. Though i don’t have much money to purchase online including the shipping fees, which is so frustrating; i decided to buy online. This is not my first time because i always purchase online for my online shop (as a reseller). But, this is Β the first time to shop for myself. as in for real and i badly need it. I purchased crochet yarns and needles and my biggest collections…. ->> BOOKS! yeah though it’s only pre-loved, I really love it! ahaha..

I really can’t resist the urge to buy. why?

1. i purchased from my trusted friend. she sells crochet needs.

2. i can’t refuse books. haha i sooo love books. i am imagining myself before as a librarian and full of books all over the house.

3. i badly need to start a bag project and i’m running out of yarns.

4. i found self help books : toilet training book for my baby girl, mantra book for myself, light his lit for my relationship-slash-marriage.

5. i don’t have time to go out and i have a busy life inside my house πŸ™‚

6. fares from home to malls is equivalent to shipping fees.

See how convenient for me to shop online.. I’m so excited to receive my items.. I can have it on wednesday. aaahhhh.. so happy, indeed! πŸ™‚

if you wanna try online shopping you can visit my shop at facebook. You can see lot’s of trendy dress this 2012. just click the link below. πŸ™‚ kindly visit and like my page guys! πŸ™‚ ❀



wanna hear your experience at online shopping too! πŸ™‚ lovelove ❀


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