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Busy Bunny: so little time, so many things to do

I’ve got so many ideas on my mind. Too many topics to write but can’t put into words because of so little time. I haven’t even hold a pen this past few weeks. I love blogging, my kids and specially my home-based work; and I can’t accomplished all at the same time.. I think I need to revise my time management list. haha

24 hours isn’t enough for me, especially when taking care of kids. They go anywhere around the house and I need to clean their mess every minute. Need to feed, bath and play with them. And at the end of the day; when they are all tired and have to sleep, I am also tired. haay what a life?.. But good thing is that I have this online/ home-based job that anytime I can work and earn money while taking care of my kids. I need to see the brighter side of my life so that I won’t feel tired every day.

Thank you Lord for giving this life and problems to face. I trust in you and I give all my life. 🙂 Can I have a request my God? Please give me time for my blogging hobby 🙂 Thank you ❤

So how about you guys? are you a busy bee like me or did you manage your time with enjoyment? please share with me your secret! hahaha

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memories that won’t last….


40 days of struggling to your memories… 40 days of wishes that you still here in our side to comfort and give unconditional love to us… 40 days of crying because you left us unexpectedly…

it’s been 40 days since we lost communication… oh my dear grandma.. we missed you so much.. I MISS YOU SO MUCH.. AND I LOVE YOU.. YOUR MEMggoORIES WON’T LAST..

You can go now to heaven and be with GOD’s arm.. it’s 40 days already and what i have read to google, our soul stayed up in earth for about 40 days will go to heaven after that..

you may leave us my lovely ATENG.. you will be in peace now.. live in God and with happiness.. we can and will survive in your lost.. bear in mind that your love and memories won’t last.. my 2yr old son is always missing you.. :/

rest in peace…


august 9,2012

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There are times when you feel you have to cry your heart out. when there is no one beside you. when you want to scream. want to quit. want everything back to normal. want peace. want someone to hug you and say “everything will be alright coz i’m here beside you to protect and love you forever”.

But suddenly, you came back to reality that all your desire to be happy is just a dream that will never be happen. and you all have to do is stare blankly in the mirror and wish that one day life would turn upside down.

We pray, we hope, and we love. but is it enough to change the world and our destiny?
Faith to God is the only one shield to protect us from this stages of life. Hope is the one that make us strong. Love is the reason why we live. and pray is the only armor that we have to struggle with our destiny.

Life isn’t too short to stand up and fight. we still have time to change for the better.

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