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jealousy is killing me!

i’m in this state of my life when my heart is beating extremely fast because of jealousy. i’m pissed off since 8 in the morning until now. i end up crying because i can’t speak up what i felt. i hate him for making me jealous and for being a drunk man. i tried to talk to him about what i felt but he refused. what am i gonna do? this is so bad that i can’t help myself to cry hard. i’m so depressed. why do some girls have to wear super mini skirt and flaunt it in front of a married guy for several times? girls should wear proper clothes in a proper place.. and people shouldn’t flirt with someone who is already married. my heart is broken.. and i think only god can bring back the pieces that was broken.. please god, if you can hear me. heal my wounds and help me with my life.. i wanna have a better married life like those in romantic movies. please, you are the one who can change my life.. 😦


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