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1 resume please…

I supposed to post about my interview last night but because of exhaustion i didn’t make it.. Now I gained strength and can write what’s on my mind..

Yesterday was definitely a stressful one, from going to the recruitment firm until I was about to go home. I was so excited and taught that I’m the only to be interviewed with. So I get up early and prepare everything and memorize the route that I’m going to take. I went through, wait for the tamaraw fx to ride on, wait, wait, wait and wait! Gosh! my hair turned white waiting for a ride! I’m going to be late for an interview! but i still wait patiently.. ok fine! after 1 1/2 hours.. there it goes a ride.. 1 by 1 the people entered to it and i was so excited and then…. oooopppps! no more seats! oh gosh! after 5mins another ride.. now i can seat comfortably! haha.

After 2hours I already at the recruitment firm.. At first I was expecting to be interviewed one on one.. then the receptionist said “Please proceed to room 5”. ok. I opened the door and… huwaaaattt?! It looks like a classroom and I am the late student! haha.. I entered and was interviewed one by one, roll call.. oh my! I was shocked and forgot all my script!. Then the mentor gave us referral slip.. at 2pm the HR of all the call center company came by. This is it! This is the real interview…

In one room there are 10 applicants and 1 interviewer. One by one..

– Tell something about yourself

– Why did you choose to apply in a call center industry?

– What do you know about a call center industry and being an agent?

– What is active listening?

– What are your skills that you can contribute with the company?

– What is your favorite book?

and lastly, the out of the box question….

– If you would commit a crime, what would it be and how will you do it perfectly? PERFECTLY!

They drained my mind!

Then the result is…..

I failed… 😦 when i heard it.. I was almost going to cry… haaay i was depressed .. I almost there the whole day and then nothing happens. One of the company said they’re going to call me today at 10am for the final interview but hey it’s almost 1.30 in the afternoon and I haven’t receive any calls from them.

Argh! maybe I’m not for their industry. I had applied in different call center company but they always decline me.. Even I used my charm and smile.. They still don’t wanna hire me… What wrong??? Fluency in English??? didn’t they have a training before the actual job? I can be trained and I’m willing to be trained just to have a job..

Maybe I’m not for their firm. And I’m so sad about that.. Do i need to continue applying in different call center company or I have to drop that idea and apply as a cashier or service crew? 😦

so sad….


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Goodluck for tomorrow!

Dear God,

Please help, guide and bless me tomorrow.. I know you gave me this opportunity because I can make it and this is for me.. Please help me, please give me strength to speak without errors in front of the interviewer. Please give me knowledge in all the questions to be ask. Please give me this job. Half of me is telling I can’t make it but with your blessings and guidance I know this is it! This is really for me.. Please I need you everyday. I trust in you, I give it all to you my God.. Bahala na po kayo sa akin..

Please please please…. give me some answers tomorrow! :))

praying hard,


*tomorrow will be my schedule for an interview in a call center industry. Please give me all your prayers… Help me to seek guidance :)) Goodluck to me.. so nervous.. eeehhhh.. 🙂


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