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my weirdest life…

hello world! hello wordpress! I’m back.. I’ve been busy the whole week or i guess it’s been 2weeks that I didn’t used to write a post. I’m so busy on my online shop and taking care of my babies. I’m in the stage of potty training to my baby girl so I didn’t had a chance to write. But, I do post on my mind everyday! ahahaha  weird eh?! There are lots of thoughts on my mind right now but i didn’t know how to put it in right words, maybe I really need inspirations or let me say mentor to have a better blog post. Well, my blog is not really into professional thing. I just wanna share what’s going on into my life and in my heart and mind. so excuse me for being informative 🙂 that’s me and that’s my life.. (if you don’t wanna be friend with me, then you may stop on this sentence now. 🙂 but i’m begging you; please hear my heart) hehehe

hmmm ok where will I start?

today: (hurt inside)

i felt i was alone, taken for granted by my one and only love; my hubby.. i know there’s something wrong with our relationship ’cause it all started in everyday fight. i guess he’s so irritated with me now. But God knows i’m trying my best to learn how to control my anger. we have the differences and i want him to change all his bad habits. isn’t it hard to do if you know you’ll change for the better? my heart is badly hurt this time.. 😦


i was so in love with my baby boy. hehe as you can see on my picture post yesterday he’s so into taking pictures and in music. he’s sooooo cute. and i will never forget what he said to me when i got my towel on the stairs handle. he said: “mommy baka mahulog ka, ingat ka ha” (mommy, you might fall, take care”). how lovely he was 🙂 ❤

the other day and the other day: (stressful)

haay what can i say.. i’m a super woman already.. haha i took care of my baby girl; potty train her, cleaned the house, cooked lunch, washed baby clothes, updating and answering all the clients inquiry at my online store and thought about how to handle my marriage carefully the whole day. one simple word to describe…. EXHAUSTED!!

last whole week: (damn!)

i wanna kill all my family.. but i don’t do that because i’m a good follower of God. but sadly. i was really hurt. damn hurt. why do people always bring me down? my only sin was to fall in love deeply in their so called wrong man. yeah his not that perfect, he’s bossy, he drinks alcohol a lot, he yells at me… but i know he’s deeply in love with me and with our kids. My parents don’t understand that or they actually didn’t want to understand me. They always yell at me about the internet, the electricity bill the blah blah blah.. all they see is wrong. my ears are so fucking tired! bakit ba hindi nalang sila manahimik kahit isang linggo or isang araw lang sa panenermon sakin?

enough, enough, enough… i can’t elaborate more.. my heart beats fast… 😦 i’m so bored and so hurt every time i remember all my rants..

anyway.. if you reach this paragraph… well… welcome to my weirdest and roller coaster world! 🙂 thank you for stopping by and for hearing my rants.

hope to hear from you with some advises in life. hope to have friends with you my fellow reader (i there’s one) hehehe.


goodnight folks! feel free to comment here :))

lovelove ❤


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jealousy is killing me!

i’m in this state of my life when my heart is beating extremely fast because of jealousy. i’m pissed off since 8 in the morning until now. i end up crying because i can’t speak up what i felt. i hate him for making me jealous and for being a drunk man. i tried to talk to him about what i felt but he refused. what am i gonna do? this is so bad that i can’t help myself to cry hard. i’m so depressed. why do some girls have to wear super mini skirt and flaunt it in front of a married guy for several times? girls should wear proper clothes in a proper place.. and people shouldn’t flirt with someone who is already married. my heart is broken.. and i think only god can bring back the pieces that was broken.. please god, if you can hear me. heal my wounds and help me with my life.. i wanna have a better married life like those in romantic movies. please, you are the one who can change my life.. 😦

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