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my new found love!

It’s fun to try different desserts to satisfy our taste buds. And i really enjoying the fact that i can have all i want to eat in one day. And i found this very interesting sweet treat for my palates.

so let us indulge this outstanding dessert i had found.


my first love-slash-favorite of all time. the milky bliss. this soft bread with milk chocolate spread on top sprinkled with shredded white chocolate, you can say ‘ooohhh so milky’, eating this is like eating over the clouds. the taste of milk is so fine. it is full of milk, so sweet indeed!

the second is this what you called ‘sansrivab’. it looked like the sansrival cake. it has the cream filling inside the dough topped with peanuts and shredded biscuits. i must say it’s the counterpart of sansrival cake. so yummy with texture when you bite it. the peanuts on top gave the crispiness of the doughnut and sweet taste of the cream filling while the bread is still soft to eat. you must try this if you are the type of girl who is conscious about the calories. because it has lower calories than the sansrival cake,but it will satisfy your cravings for cake. haha

but wait… there’s more!

the last but not the least! tadaaa! the chococcino! cappuccino inside with chocolate and white chocolate bits on top! wow what an idea they’ve got! eating this is like you are drinking your favorite cappuccino while eating 2 kinds of chocolate. it came in one doughnut! bravo! your craves for 2 dish is already set in one eating. haha

thank you dunkin’ donuts for satisfying my taste buds.

i so love eating and this is my journey in doughnuts. you must try eat this sweet treat for something different cravings. forget about the diet and indulge on this. don’t just look on the calories it may had but concentrate on the taste and satisfaction that it can give to you.

ps: it is based on what i see and taste. if you found something wrong just let me know. and feel free to comment and

let us celebrate our cravings!!! 🙂


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