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i cheated on my diet. 4x..

today is my 5th day of diet 101! and it’s not good nor healthy.. my slice of chocolate cake is 230 calories times the 4 slices i ate today. so i got 920 calories in a day without health benefits?. hmm… now my problem is how to burn my 920 calories???.. i need an intensive exercise tomorrow morning, indeed, and i am conditioning myself to that. hahaha

what do i need:

1. jumping rope

2. crunches

3. going up and down the stairs

4. eat less

5. push ups

haay.. hope to do all of this.. so i wont feel guilt on my part.. (because of my cheating diet) haha

seriously i have to do this! i have to lose weight i less than a month. i wanna feel sexy inside and out.

so help me please :))

*i’ll update you on my diet 101! ahaha


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