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December 6: Shanarra turns 2!

It’s been 2 years since Shanarra was born. She grows fast. She can now say what she wants, what she likes and most specially she can already say “I love you momie!” in a tone like this “yabyu momie!” haha. I so love this little girl, indeed. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MY BABY SHANARRA RANSHAE!

2012-12-06 16.26.19


2012-12-06 16.23.46 (1)


2012-12-06 16.14.59


2012-12-06 16.25.59


2012-12-06 17.05.18


2012-12-06 16.06.30


my gifts to my baby girl and baby boy :)

my gifts to my baby girl and baby boy 🙂



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RHINE’s 3rd birthday party!

cars cake 🙂



momie and rhine

rhine’s cake blowing

me and my babies


my baby’s 3rd birthday party at home! loves cars movie and requested me to buy cars cake for his birthday.. he’s so excited to open the cake and got the car on it even the party isn’t started yet. haha. we had a games and he was so happy .. i was right to had a party for him because its all worth it. 🙂

*october 8,2012





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