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6 things i hate about myself

I’m a hater, indeed. But only to those people who hate me for no reason or for whatever reason. But as much as possible i don’t want to be a hater but because of all the people around me who done no good i always hate everything i see and hear. I also hate myself.

I hate myself for being stubborn. I’m not a follower, so i have trouble on following what my parents want me to do. I make them suffer.

I hate myself the way i treat my friends even though they always back stabbed me. I treat them well, I always in there side whenever they need me. I still keep them on my list.

I hate myself for listening to those people who talks nonsense. I hate it when they tell a story, a long long story but in the end its freaking nonsense. its like watching a movie for about 2hours at ang katapusan ay walang kwenta. I hate listening too to those boastful people around me, who only talks about their new shoes,new makeups,new dress, new phone and etc., kahit na wala naman nagtatanong kung anung bago sakanila.

I hate the way i talk. I just cant help myself saying bad words when I’m mad. I cants control it, maybe its in my system since birth. haha I’m a bad girl isn’t it? I feel sorry to one person i love; that everytime I see imperfections in him or he didn’t meet my expectations on how to love-slash-care for me… it ends up in war and I threw any kinds of bad words to him in a ‘capital letters’, literally!

I hate myself being impatient. I don’t want to wait, I can’t wait either. If I want something, I want it ora mismo! when i was little my parents used to buy me things that i want in exact date that i’ve given to them. sometimes they would say ‘sa sweldo nalang kita bibilan’, so after 1month i got what i want. maybe they are the reason why i have this bad attitude. i also cant sleep when i dont get what i want. its bad right?! hmmm…

and lastly I hate myself being inlove with him. i madly deeply inlove! i don’t know the reason why. when i’m inlove, i don’t hear/accept opinions from others, i do what i want to do in my own ways, in my own life and in my own lovelife. i know its not good anymore that’s why i hate myself for that. i hate the way he lie at me pero pinaniniwalaan ko parin sya. i have faith that someday he will change. i hate myself for loving him so much that my world revolves around him and only him… i also hate myself for loving him unconditionally…

Hating yourself than others is unusual. but its good sometimes to know what you hate about yourself for you to change for a better. they always said that ‘look at the mirror first before you judge other people’. so why don’t you try it on yourself too. try to know what you hate about yourself just for a change.. hahaha. 😉


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