handmade by xina: a chick scarf

2012-11-30 20.39.25

2012-11-30 20.42.27


This is my first ever CROCHETED SCARF! I didn’t expect my skill that I can make a wonderful scarf. 🙂 It’s 2 days in the making. haha Not bad for a beginner like me. Though I knew how to crochet at the age of 11 years old, I really didn’t expect I can make usable items 🙂 This scarf is my Christmas give to my mother-in-law. I really hope she will like this and use it much. I came up with an idea of giving her a scarf because my husband once told me that it’s super cold in Japan right now. So hopefully my scarf would keep her warm during the day when she’s at work. 🙂

The pattern I used came from a Japanese magazine that I bought from a trusted seller online-slash-long time friend. I’ll post tomorrow my crochet books hehe.

I used 100% cotton thread, 2 strands of Monaco in a shades of gray and a 5/0 gold crochet hook. All is well and I did the pattern right without frogging. haha This is an easy pie. :))

So gals do you like it?… if you wanna have one, you can order it from me. hahaha

I’ll post some of my work soon. I kinda busy right now so please bear with me. :))

You like or something to share? wanna hear your voices on the comment box. Share your crafts guys. :))

lovelove ❤ ❤



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painting my nails (first ever and nearly perfect)

I’m not a fan of long nails since I had my kids. My nails get itchy when the tip gets 0.2 inches, but for the sake of “beautifying” and “art/nail art” I had to keep it long. haha I used to paint my nails and my cousin’s nails this past few weeks and had to practice it by night when my kids are sleeping soundly. This is my stress reliever and “me time”. I wanna share my new designs that I copied in the youtube. Thank you for all the tutorials out there 🙂

Here they are:

This is my first ever one-stroke acrylic butterfly design. I did it right but not that perfect. But I am happy with the results. I always practicing the one stroke since I bought my tools, and tada! here it is.. 🙂

My first ever palm tree. On my cousin’s right hand. It’s perfect for me :))

My first ever tribal nail art for ate cah’s left hand. I paint it almost one hour. whew! haha

Those are what I called first ever and nearly perfect. I did lots of designs on my nail wheel but these are the best that i got haha. I post new and perfect designs soon 🙂

I also bought box for my tools and look what I got :

A cute large green box for my nail art tools. I have lots of tools and it makes me happy every time I entered my room and saw this box 🙂


How about you, do you have your first ever thingy?

Feel free to share it with me 🙂






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Nail Art : Panda inspired

Finally, I had my time for everything. Time to take care of my kids, time to do the laudry, time to work at odesk, time to crochet and now the time to do the nail art hobby. As I was posted before; I am a busy bunny. I easily get mad and always felt tired at the end of the day. I found that my one and only problem was, I don’t have a proper ‘time management’. So, after a week of planning, now i have my time! yehey! 🙂 I finally arrange my schedule in every task that I wanna accomplished in a single day. And I decided to put my nail art at night time between 9pm- 1am where my kids are asleep. I can’t do it on morning because my kids will get my nail art tools and play with it. haha

I wanna share my panda inspired nail art design. I saw this design on youtube and copy it for my nails. I’m just new in nail art world so I have to copy all the tutorials for it. But unfortunately, I don’t know how to link youtube/blogs here on my site. But this design is from CUTEPOLISH tutorials 🙂

from cutepolish youtube tutorials

And here’s a compilation of my nail art. ( i also copied it to youtube nail art tutorials) 🙂


Do you like it gals?! 🙂

Please share your crafts here also. 🙂

thank you very much 🙂 lovelove ❤




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