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December 6: Shanarra turns 2!

It’s been 2 years since Shanarra was born. She grows fast. She can now say what she wants, what she likes and most specially she can already say “I love you momie!” in a tone like this “yabyu momie!” haha. I so love this little girl, indeed. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MY BABY SHANARRA RANSHAE!

2012-12-06 16.26.19


2012-12-06 16.23.46 (1)


2012-12-06 16.14.59


2012-12-06 16.25.59


2012-12-06 17.05.18


2012-12-06 16.06.30


my gifts to my baby girl and baby boy :)

my gifts to my baby girl and baby boy 🙂



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a girl with a pink flower headband

1.10 y/o model 🙂

Do you wish that your baby girl is now a model or do you have the feeling that someday she will grow in a fashion world walking on the runway wearing fashionable clothes that you sell or made by a reputable designer?

Well I guess you wished that too and of course you are not the only one. haha

Me, I’m a proud mom of my 1.10 month old baby girl who loves to wear cute stuffs/dresses/shoes/bags and pose in front of the camera.  I don’t have problems taking pictures of her like others do. Shanarra loves to smile when I say “baby, picture picture!” and then she grab or wear anything that I give her and put her index finger in her cheeks, showing that it’s a peace sign. haha Unfortunately she couldn’t do the peace sign like those kids doing. But she’s so cute with her pose. 🙂 Now she’s wearing the pink flower headband and having fun with it. After taking pictures of her she always wants to see herself on my phone. I so love her 🙂

I want my baby to be a supermodel! And I will start it now haha..

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Toilet Training, Success!

*photo courtesy of google images

The hardest part of motherhood for me is the time of potty training or toilet training. It can blow your head up and burst your blood out of your nerve! OMG! I must say.

At first (week 1) I was so upset, I’m having trouble on cleaning up the mess. I almost feel giving up; but I was so eager to teach my baby girl that’s why I searched alternative ways on training. I read lots of blog advice and talked to my friend with a fully trained baby. I got her advice and go on with our training patiently. Week 1, I let her wear her training panties; a cloth diaper together with an absorbent/thick cloth diaper and observe the time of her pee or poop. Things get smoothly though it’s tiring every hour and everyday. 🙂

Week 2: Just a pajama alone the whole day except 10.30 am and I taught her every hour to say wee-wee ( pee in English). This is the time of her poop so she has to wear diaper. From 4 pcs. diaper a day down to 3-2 pcs. diaper a day. Sometimes she had her bowel movement 2 times a day so she had to wear 3 pcs of diaper a day. *Training smoothly done.

Week 3: She knows how to say wee-wee when she’s done peeing. Haha how terrible the mess she made. Atleast she can say wee-wee if she knew she’d wet her pants. *Stressful week I had, got to change pants for time to time. 2pcs. diaper a day.

Week 4: She knows how to say wee-wee if she needed to go. Tada! SUCCESS! My baby girl is already half-trained! Half-trained for me means she knows how to pee on a potty chair but doesn’t know how to control bowel movement. I’m overwhelmed today. She said it exactly and done it the way i like. Baby girl is easy to train than a baby boy. And ooops! what i was so happy about is that my baby is only 1.9 years old! She’s so young to half-trained, mostly it’s 2years old and up before you train your kids so they can understand and communicate well to you. I MADE IT! lovelove to both of us.

I add some scenario of us. Earlier today, she said “momie wee-wee” and then I say ” ok let’s go the bathroom and sit on your potty chair, and please don’t play with the water”. She likes to flush her little toilet every time. Then I was surprised she made it in just 5 seconds of sitting; mostly we’re in the bathroom for almost 5mins and she plays water first before she peed. After 1hour she said it again that she wants to pee, badly there’s someone using the toilet so I have to say it to her and help her pee outside. As i was expecting she did not make it. And after 5 mins of playing, she took off her pants alone and went outside,sit and pee. hahaha how cute she was when I’m watching her. My patients on training is worth it!

So that’s my basis on how I say she already half- toilet trained! 🙂

So bad I forgot to take a picture of that moment.. But it’s ok I was recorded it already. Sept. 14, 2012.

Thank you for your time of reading my lovely experience… hope to hear some from you. :))


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