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RHINE’s 3rd birthday party!

cars cake 🙂



momie and rhine

rhine’s cake blowing

me and my babies


my baby’s 3rd birthday party at home! loves cars movie and requested me to buy cars cake for his birthday.. he’s so excited to open the cake and got the car on it even the party isn’t started yet. haha. we had a games and he was so happy .. i was right to had a party for him because its all worth it. 🙂

*october 8,2012






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talk to me…


Meet my 2.5 year old son! he’s fun of taking pictures and talking on the phone. while my brother is doing his work over the internet Rhine disturbed him and said he like to take him a picture holding the phone. haha what a bright little man i have.. 🙂 here are more pictures of him earlier.. with matching posing of the show “Mr. Pogi” :))

*pogi: adjective; handsome. origin: from the show eat bulaga 🙂




go rock on! 🙂

yeah my son is into music! 🙂

love it! ❤

he really enjoyed taking pictures I now award him as MR. MODEL OF THE YEAR 2012! hahaha.

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