About me

i’m free spirited, enthusiast, loving wife and a true friend.. 🙂

I’m Sheena or you can just call me Xin for a short version. I blog anything that passes on my mind. I don’t have directions on what I like about and what I wanna do in my life until my baby girl came into my life. I feel more blessed,secure and stronger in life. I always pray,hope,love and give my best on anything that my instinct said. haha I grab all opportunity that I know that God gave me. I always take risk specially when it comes to love and money.

This year of 2012, I decided to blog about the milestones of my kids, my 2year old son and 1year old girl. I wanna share my life to everyone on how blessed I am to have my kids and how they inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest.

So be friends with me and let us share our thoughts and advise here in online world.

Thank you and have a blessed 2012 to us all.

Just leave your comments here and let me hear your voices.

:)) smile and lovelove ❤



One response to “About me

  1. mariqia

    Hi, I categorize my posts. 🙂

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