addict mode

Here comes my new addictions:


My new purchased online NAIL ART TOOLS! from manicure set, nail pen, nail wheel, brush set, dotting tools, fimo clay, nail glue to nail polish set. I was so excited to have all of that since friday (october 26,2012) and can’t get enough sleep waiting for my package to arrive. And it arrives at an early time. haha


So is it ok to be an addict at nail art? 🙂


I keep my beads for the meantime and put all my nail art tools in my bead case. I love beading too but for now this is what i need to practice hard. haha



Since I’m selling women’s clothes, I was inspired to make a corset design; courtesy of youtube tutorials. This is my first ever design. 🙂 And it’s just in my left hand because I can’t draw using my left; so my right fingers are empty. hahaha

Hope you like it. 🙂 This isn’t bad for a first timer huh?! 🙂


*wanna share one more addiction.. my new bags from secosana 🙂


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