Busy Bunny: so little time, so many things to do

I’ve got so many ideas on my mind. Too many topics to write but can’t put into words because of so little time. I haven’t even hold a pen this past few weeks. I love blogging, my kids and specially my home-based work; and I can’t accomplished all at the same time.. I think I need to revise my time management list. haha

24 hours isn’t enough for me, especially when taking care of kids. They go anywhere around the house and I need to clean their mess every minute. Need to feed, bath and play with them. And at the end of the day; when they are all tired and have to sleep, I am also tired. haay what a life?.. But good thing is that I have this online/ home-based job that anytime I can work and earn money while taking care of my kids. I need to see the brighter side of my life so that I won’t feel tired every day.

Thank you Lord for giving this life and problems to face. I trust in you and I give all my life. 🙂 Can I have a request my God? Please give me time for my blogging hobby 🙂 Thank you ❤

So how about you guys? are you a busy bee like me or did you manage your time with enjoyment? please share with me your secret! hahaha

with a bunny hairband


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