a girl with a pink flower headband

1.10 y/o model 🙂

Do you wish that your baby girl is now a model or do you have the feeling that someday she will grow in a fashion world walking on the runway wearing fashionable clothes that you sell or made by a reputable designer?

Well I guess you wished that too and of course you are not the only one. haha

Me, I’m a proud mom of my 1.10 month old baby girl who loves to wear cute stuffs/dresses/shoes/bags and pose in front of the camera.  I don’t have problems taking pictures of her like others do. Shanarra loves to smile when I say “baby, picture picture!” and then she grab or wear anything that I give her and put her index finger in her cheeks, showing that it’s a peace sign. haha Unfortunately she couldn’t do the peace sign like those kids doing. But she’s so cute with her pose. 🙂 Now she’s wearing the pink flower headband and having fun with it. After taking pictures of her she always wants to see herself on my phone. I so love her 🙂

I want my baby to be a supermodel! And I will start it now haha..


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