Goodluck for tomorrow!

Dear God,

Please help, guide and bless me tomorrow.. I know you gave me this opportunity because I can make it and this is for me.. Please help me, please give me strength to speak without errors in front of the interviewer. Please give me knowledge in all the questions to be ask. Please give me this job. Half of me is telling I can’t make it but with your blessings and guidance I know this is it! This is really for me.. Please I need you everyday. I trust in you, I give it all to you my God.. Bahala na po kayo sa akin..

Please please please…. give me some answers tomorrow! :))

praying hard,


*tomorrow will be my schedule for an interview in a call center industry. Please give me all your prayers… Help me to seek guidance :)) Goodluck to me.. so nervous.. eeehhhh.. 🙂



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2 responses to “Goodluck for tomorrow!

  1. Remember to take a few deep breaths just before you go inside, to help keep calm. Will look here tomorrow to see that you got the job, you can do it.

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