so here is it! my online purchased books. 🙂

i was so excited yesterday when the seller texted me the shipping control number of my package so i get up early this morning and wait till the delivery man delivers my books.

10 am this morning someone knocks at our gate, my heart beats fast, my ears wide open waiting to call my name Ms. Sheena Navalta, my hands are shaking so eager to open the door and ….. TADA! i am right!

The delivery man says “Ms. Sheena Mae Molina Navalta?”

me: ” so you have to call out my whole name huh? :)”.

delivery man with full of package in her motorcycle: “got a delivery for you… here is it… oh wait.. i think i forgot to bring it”.

me: ” HUWAAAT? you manage to came here even-though it’s too far from your branch then you forgot my package? how come you did know my address? (with a sad face) “.

delivery man: “ma’am i have all the location list here, sorry i have full of packages here. wait i’ll find yours”

so i didn’t know what to be my emotions then, and told him that it’s a book. and when i was about to cry….

delivery man: ” here is it.. it’s underneath of all my packages. sorry and thank you so much. ’till next transactions with us”.

me:” yahoo! so excited to read.. thank God you didn’t forget it, if you really did it well i’ll scream hard. hahaha”

so there’s my books and what a surprise from the seller. I got free books 🙂 it’s LIVING WITH DYING. I really need self help books. And the one she gave me is all i need to cope up with my emotions about death. Though it’s too late for me to read this because as you will know my favorite grandma passed away last July. oh so sad for me and i still feel hurt. But I’ll still wanna read it. Anyway, i haven’t read the 5 books i have. I just didn’t know what book I am going to start with hehehe. And later in the afternoon, after staring for an hour on my books I decided what am I going to read..

It’s the KEY TO TOILET TRAINING. I really need this book because I have a 1.8 year old baby girl to train. Hope this book will help me.

So happy reading to me! 🙂

How about you folks are you a book-a-holic?? let’s talk about this..

what’s your favorite book so far? and how does this book helps you in your life? does it change you or does it change your view in life/lovelife? :))




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Let's talk about this.. :)

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