just thinking. . .

i just like to share my thoughts and moods these past few days…

last night dec. 27
i just keep on thinking on what i write in my blog and what designs and widgets i will put on. i keep on thinking and thinking and thinking until i decided not to think about it that night.. haha it made my head spin like a roller coaster. so i woke up with super achy headache.. haay badluck for me..

on dec.29
i feel happy in the morning, i just don’t know why.. maybe because of the chocolate i ate last night. they said that chocolates have epinephrine that will makes you happy and in-love. when it hits 12noon, my mood switch to something i really don’t want to feel… im angry, so angry with someone i really love. we had a fight and i just can’t control myself in saying bad words to him.. i regret that moment. i hurt someone and i hurt myself too. i’ve been very bad. 😦 so after hours of thinking what to do and not talking to him.. i finally decided to break the ice, i say sorry to him and promised that i will not do or say it again to him. my mood switch to guilt. but my sorry is worth it. he accepted it. and i feel happy again. πŸ™‚

today dec.30
im still thinking what to write on this blog. i don’t have specific niche. this blog is just a diary of mine. that’s it. i feel that i don’t have the skill to be a writer, but i’m working with it because it’s my ambition aside of being a physical therapist (still studying). everything can be learned. so i’m still learning about blogging.

i just need some inspiration today to fulfill my goals.. πŸ™‚


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