My Greatest Gift from God!

my baby boy and baby girl

They are my warriors sent from above. They give me strength everyday. When I wake up every morning and seeing their faces, it reminds me of how special my life is. They bring joy to our life and to my family as well.

This is my first baby, my baby boy. He is Rhine, he loves to eat banana. He just turned 1 year old last October. As he grew every month he learned new things like crawling, eating with his hand and specially biting us.. hahaha.. He already knew 3 shapes (star,circle,triangle); he can now say daddy,tata,papa, and mama. Unfortunately he can’t say mommy :(( sad for me, don’t know why maybe it’s really hard for all the babies to say mommy.. haha. He’s also practicing to walk and continue learning things.

She is Shanarra, my second baby. She just born last December 6,2010. She’s already 3-week old. Every week she gain weight and length. She smiles when she heard my voice even tough she can’t see. :))

I’m sharing these because I’m a proud mommy.. 🙂

how about you what’s your greatest gift from God?


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